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iPhone 5s Review

by Yaw Otchere |  Sep 24, 2013  

First Impressions

My (Space Gray) iPhone 5s reminds me very much of my original (beloved) iPhone from 2007. The black and grey aluminum with silver chamfers seems like a modernization of that classic design. Unlike its fun, hip 5c brother, the 5s is all sophistication and polish. Just like the iPhone 5 before it, the 5s feels like a piece of high-end jewelry. It feels great in the hand.


Minority Report Here We Come

by Yaw Otchere |  May 2, 2013  

Iris scanning (not to be confused with Retina Scanning) is hitting the mainstream. A new handheld device slightly larger than an iPhone is being used by customs agents and some law enforcement agencies for quick, easy biometric scanning. And the “best” part? You know those long range iris scans seen in minority report?

They’re not so far away…

Iris Scans Go Mainstrean

WWDC Tickets – Gone in 120 Seconds

by Yaw Otchere |  Apr 25, 2013  

Tickets to Apple’s WWDC event sold out in 2 minutes. Part of a larger trend of selling out faster and faster each year.

WWDC Sells Out

WWDC Announced

by Yaw Otchere |  Apr 24, 2013  

Apple has announced that WWDC will be held June 10th through the 14th this year. In a new move, the company also announced the pre-sale date for tickets. April 25th at 1pm Eastern. Better act quick if you want to go, tickets sold out in 2 hours last year!

Apple Announces WWDC

Dropbox + Mailbox, All your Box are belong to us

by Yaw Otchere |  Mar 15, 2013  

Dropbox has acquired Mailbox, the hot e-mail startup that has promised to revolutionize the way you use your inbox.

The stand alone mailbox app will continue to exist, and the two companies will share technology.

Dropbox buys Mailbox

Surface of the Problem

by Yaw Otchere |  Mar 14, 2013  

It appears that Microsoft has sold only 1.5 Million Surface Tablets in the first six months of the product’s life.

For context, Apple sells that many every six days…

Initial Surface Sales Weak

Leap Motion Gesture Controller Shipping In May

by Lenny Laurier |  Feb 27, 2013  

The Leap Motion Controller was announced last year and allows you use your hands to interact with your computer. It is 200 times more sensitive than Microsoft’s XBOX Kinect, capable of capturing each of the your ten fingers, and also can distinguish whether your holding an object (like a stylus).

Pre-orders start shipping in May.

I’m not sure if hand gestures will de-throne the mighty mouse anytime soon, but this is definitely more useful than a touchscreen on a laptop.

Google’s New Chromebook Pixel

by Lenny Laurier |  Feb 26, 2013  

Google has recently introduced the Chromebook Pixel; a 12.85″ high-resolution laptop running Google’s Chrome OS. The new Chromebook Pixel has the highest pixel density in the industry, sporting a 239 pixels per inch touchscreen display, compared to Apple’s Macbook Pro with Retina Display at 220-227 pixels per inch (sans touchscreen).


iPad Power (User) Failure?

by Yaw Otchere |  Feb 24, 2013  

Jean-Louisse Gassé argues that the iPad may suffer an opposite of the grek snobbery that causes power users to sneer at computer newbies.

By emphasizing simplicity so strongly, the iPad turns its back on power users who want to do more with the device.

iPad and File Systems – A Failure of Empathy

Dell goes Private

by Yaw Otchere |  Feb 5, 2013  

After suggesting so many years ago that Steve Jobs “shut (Apple) down and give the money back to the shareholders” Michael Dell just gave his own refund, by taking the company private.

Dell Goes Private