Pay Up – The Future of Mobile Payments

by Yaw Otchere |  Oct 1, 2013  

Mobile payments have been set to take off in North America for years. Around the world, from Asia,l to Africa, the Middle East,l to the EU, people have been paying for all kinds of things with their phone for years. What seems like an impending revolution here, is really just playing catchup with the rest of the world.


iPhone 5s Review

by Yaw Otchere |  Sep 24, 2013  

First Impressions

My (Space Gray) iPhone 5s reminds me very much of my original (beloved) iPhone from 2007. The black and grey aluminum with silver chamfers seems like a modernization of that classic design. Unlike its fun, hip 5c brother, the 5s is all sophistication and polish. Just like the iPhone 5 before it, the 5s feels like a piece of high-end jewelry. It feels great in the hand.


Shorter contracts eh?

by Yaw Otchere |  Jun 3, 2013  

The Canadian government is basically mandating that wireless carriers shorten contracts to two years by eliminating any ETFs after 24 months. This basically levels the playing field with our American counterparts who’ve had that kind of freedom for years.

Shorter wireless contracts in Canada

You know what’s cool? 1TB of Storage!

by Yaw Otchere |  May 20, 2013  

That’s the sound of Yahoo winning the storage wars. With their new free 1TB offering for Flickr, they are easily the best place to store your photos online.

Flickr offers 1 free TB of Space

Tumblr Sells for $1.1 Billion

by Yaw Otchere |  May 20, 2013  

Yahoo’s board has approved a $1.1 Billion all-cash acquisition of Tumblr. Assuming it is approved by Tumblr’s board, a big payday is in order for some key investors.

Yahoo Board Approves Tumblr Purchase

BBM’s Nuclear Option

by Yaw Otchere |  May 14, 2013  

It’s finally happened. Blackberry is brining BBM, their mobile messaging service to iOS and Android. Though many (ourselves included) have called for thus move in the past, with the rise of iMessage and alternatives like What’s App, it may be too little too late.

BBM coming to iOS and Android

Minority Report Here We Come

by Yaw Otchere |  May 2, 2013  

Iris scanning (not to be confused with Retina Scanning) is hitting the mainstream. A new handheld device slightly larger than an iPhone is being used by customs agents and some law enforcement agencies for quick, easy biometric scanning. And the “best” part? You know those long range iris scans seen in minority report?

They’re not so far away…

Iris Scans Go Mainstrean

Google Now – Right Now

by Yaw Otchere |  Apr 29, 2013  

Google now has just become available for the iPhone, bringing one of Google’s most advanced services over to one of its most heated rivals.

Google Now Arrives on the iPhone

If Apple bought Intel…

by Lenny Laurier |  Apr 29, 2013  

Getting rid of Samsung as a processor supplier and, at the same time, capturing the crown jewel of the American semiconductor industry. How could Apple resist the temptation to solve its cash problem and make history again?

Apple Buys Intel – Monday Note

WWDC Tickets – Gone in 120 Seconds

by Yaw Otchere |  Apr 25, 2013  

Tickets to Apple’s WWDC event sold out in 2 minutes. Part of a larger trend of selling out faster and faster each year.

WWDC Sells Out